Measuring emotion

Mesure de l'émotion

In a troubled period of transmutation of values, reflexes, choices, like the one we are going through today, being able to measure consumer emotion is a pure grail.

Indeed :

> Emotions and sensory dimensions have direct access to
Brain without going through the rational and the analysis
= We can reach the consumer before making him think.
> The more intense the emotion, the greater the memorization = The impact of the brand is increased.
> Emotion (Latin motio) means action of moving / movement = Direct link with the act of purchase.
> To provoke emotions in the consumer = Allows to create commitment – to strengthen proximity – to make the relationship with the brand more human.
> The goal is therefore for everyone to become the consumer’s madeleine of Proust.

Thus, knowing the pure emotion generated by a product, a service, a marketing content (communication, advertising, etc.) makes it possible to decide on the right strategic and marketing choice.

And knowing the emotions of consumers is the Holy Grail that ActFuture offers you face-to-face, remote, in France and internationally.

Quelle est la méthode transversale ?

Submit targeted consumers to measures of specific emotions after cue exposure and depth qualitative verbalization post-experience.

The sample is free and depends on the objective more or less qualitative or quantitative.

Les mesures utilisées


Non-intrusive system that follows participants’ eyes. It calculates the position of the eyes, generates a video of the visual behavior and helps to apprehend the fixations in precise areas. In addition to a facial camera, it allows you to reproduce the total behavior, including sound.

2 & 3. GSR – Sweating- & Heart rate:

Two GSR Galvanic Skin Sensors Response = sweat and Heart Rate = Heart rate are used to record the emotional part of the experience and thus correlate the visual data with the emotion experienced such as stress, joy, frustration, etc.

4.Facial Coding

Facial coding makes it possible to detect and decode facial expressions.

> Eye movements are tracked with Eye-Tracking while facial expressions are tracked with Facial Coding and emotion is recorded with GRS and heart rate sensors : the unit makes it possible to restore the overall behavior and the key moments of the experience with regard to commitment and emotion.

> There follows a classic verbal questioning allowing to consciously rationalize / explain / verbalize the results of unconscious measurement of emotion.

In the end, customers are able to make the right choice to best touch the heart and therefore the sensory and emotional DNA of the consumer, whatever their culture, beliefs, country or life.

– Between several possibilities (Ex .: Different products).

– But also on the basis of a longer format (Ex: online games, music, film, advertising): What parts / elements do or do not create emotion during the exhibition process but also in the overall purpose?

In fine

“The measure of emotional intensity corresponds for me to the realization of my fantasy in terms of marketing research.

Synthesizing emotion, given by definition volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous in a key figure, without going through analysis and therefore the brain’s bias is a real miracle.

Beyond the purely intellectual or methodological appeal, we are in the perfect synthesis between qualitative data and quantitative data.

This gives magical perspectives in terms of marketing decisions: choosing between different packaging, products, advertising films, audio tapes, which generates the most emotion, therefore immediate appeal, membership, therefore sales … is a dream for any decision maker.

With beyond the pure data, a qualitative interview which makes it possible to dissociate oneself, to analyze, to verbalize and therefore to understand what happened and why it happened.

From there to in the long term, understand what triggers emotion in his field of activity and therefore identify the nugget of excellence to model on this basis his communication and marketing, in France and internationally, he there is only one step …

In this, I am very happy and very honored that ActFuture has this potential. Great perspectives that I hope to share with you very soon. ”