Discover the Revolution in Market Research with AI: A Profound Transformation.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming market research. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to process and analyze immense volumes of data, AI is propelling marketing researchers into a new era. Discover how these technologies are reinventing qualitative, quantitative and creative approaches, making analysis faster, more accurate and more intuitive.

Isabelle Fabry from ActFuture presents the Fusion-Quali tool, an innovation that marks an optimal synergy between AI and qualitative research. Discover tools like ChatGPT integrated into collaborative platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, transforming group meetings into interactive and enriching data analysis sessions.

In the quantitative arena, survey automation and predictive analytics reveal previously inaccessible insights, paving the way for more insightful, personalized marketing strategies.

Finally, AI is stimulating a creative renaissance, helping to generate innovative advertising ideas and concepts, and even co-creating products with consumers to precisely meet their needs.

Read our full article (Page 42) to see how ActFuture, under the visionary leadership of Isabelle Fabry, is using AI to transform market research and prepare brands for a future where human-machine collaboration sets new industry standards.
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