A huge THANK YOU to Printemps des Études

A huge THANK YOU to Printemps des Études for this incredible opportunity to shape the future of our fascinating profession.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the next event, with exciting talks on the program, inspiring initiatives from across the associations, an exciting destination with Esomar in the Middle East, and of course the thrilling Research Got Talent challenge, orchestrated by Esomar.

Together, let’s continue to take our industry to new heights! ”


They’re doing the Printemps des études …

“For a decade now, the Printemps des études has demonstrated an unwavering dynamism that delights me every year. The openness and growing acceptance of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, is particularly inspiring. For the future, I’d like to see two major developments within this event: firstly, a deeper exploration of artificial intelligence in all the operational tools that facilitate our business. Secondly, a dive into topics that touch on real life, that put people at the heart of our work like neuroscience, and that respect our planet and its environment in every aspect of our profession. This could translate into initiatives such as the Desi label, which is thinking about ethical certification of studies, or more sustainable practices in data storage.”

– Isabelle Fabry, Associate Director of ACTFUTURE & co-representative of Esomar France

Thank you Isabelle Fabry-Frémaux. ActFuture. Fr and Intl. Co-Representative Esomar France. for your trust and faithful involvement! – Stéphanie Perrin, General Curator

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