Hypnosis and Qualitative Market Research

Hypnosis consists of putting people in a Modified State of Consciousness (CME: between waking and sleeping)

Hypnosis involves putting people into a Modified State of Consciousness (CME: between waking and sleeping). This is the same natural state that each individual is every 90 minutes. Or, after an hour when driving on the highway. This is the moment when the conscious is silent and the unconscious takes over. Therapeutic care is provided to this unconscious, and the patient hears the therapist’s entire conversation.
We treat ailments with words. And, within this framework, the hypnotherapist is an accompanist who helps to find solutions by various very precise and sophisticated techniques developed by Milton Hyland Erickson or by NLP.

What is hypnosis used for in marketing research or market research or qualitative research?

Hypnosis is used to free the interviewee from his taboos, from everything that encumbers him, thus, in marketing studies, it allows us to get to the heart of the information that interests us: the real springs and levers of consumer reactions. .

Hypnosis is also used to travel in the consumer’s unconscious, which triggers in him or not, the interest and therefore the purchase.


Hypnosis is a tool to be used in absolute terms, alone or as part of a qualitative market research process using other techniques. The idea is to respond in the most precise way to a problem.


Isabelle Fabry, CEO of ActFuture, is a master practitioner and coach in NLP, so she has all the official and recognized skills to lead a hypnosis session in all kindness and respect for individuals.


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