Qu'est qu'une étude marketing et un insight ?

Qu'est qu'une étude marketing ?

The marketing strategy is a coordinated action plan implemented over the medium or long term by a company to achieve its commercial and marketing objectives.
Marketing strategy is one of the components of business strategy. Depending on the case, the marketing strategy can be understood at the global level of the company or only apply to a product or a family of products. It is thus possible for a company with a varied activity to combine several marketing strategies according to its fields of activity.

The marketing strategy is developed from an analysis of the company’s marketing strengths and weaknesses and a study of its environment.

The marketing strategy is broken down through the mix-marketing plan.

Market studies, whether qualitative or quantitative, make it possible to be a powerful tool to help create the marketing strategy from a global point of view or to effectively develop its various axes so that they also make sense with the consumer.

Qu'est qu'un insight ?

An insight is the consumer’s perception of an unresolved problem or dilemma about a product category of interest to a brand . When it is identified and formulated, the insight is a “luminous truth” which allows the brand to adapt its speech and its offer with the maximum chance of being accepted by the consumer. In psychology, an insight is the sudden discovery of the solution to a problem without going through a series of progressive trial and error.

Market studies, whether qualitative or quantitative, reveal insights and therefore generate powerful levers for brands that make full sense for consumers.


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